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I make bags and post tutorials on how to make them. I'll tell you what went well and warn you about any disasters.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Kraft-tex Wallet

I have wanted to try out this revolutionary 'fabric' for ages.  Kraft-tex is a paper product that behaves like a fabric.  It sounds intriguing, doesn't it?  Well, when I opened the packet it felt just like cardboard.  I had heard that it softens with soaking in hot water, so I soaked it for about 10 minutes and then let it air dry.  It had a bit more texture and was a bit more 'leathery' but probably would have benefitted from a few more washes to make it softer.  When dry, I stamped it using a rubber stamp and versacraft ink and then heat sealed it to make the ink permanent.

I used the wallet pattern that came with the fabric.  It was quite easy to follow.  To be honest, it felt like sewing a piece of cardboard.  You can't use pins because they will leave permanent marks, so I used Clover wonder clips.  For the same reason, if you make any mistakes in your sewing, the needle holes will be there for all eternity.

So, what do I think of Kraft-tex? Well, I've not yet been won over.  The wallet feels as though it's made of cardboard which will tear at any moment, but only time will tell.  I think the real advantage is that it can be printed on, painted and embellished, so it's ideal for making something really original. Definitely something to play with to test its possibilities.  I have seen it used to good effect making bag corners and handles.

If you have tried it, let me know how you got on and any tips for using it.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lynette Anderson Friends Hand Bag

I saw this bag pattern in Lynette Anderson's book 'Quilting Cats and Dogs' and decided to make it to take to the fabulous Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK (Europe's biggest quilt show).  The front flap is made using needle turn appliqué (including suffolk puffs/yoyos) and embroidery, while the front and back are made from crazy patchwork on a lightweight calico foundation.  I used fabrics I already had in my stash/scrap bag and Bosal In-R-Form bag foam to give it structure.  The side panel, handle and lining are all made from a lightweight cotton denim.  I used a magnetic clasp rather than the loop and button suggested as I did't have a suitable button.

Lots of people approached me to admire the bag and I was lucky enough to meet Lynette Anderson there who gave it her seal of approval.  How exciting is that?!

As usual, I saw lots of new products which I scooped up to try in future bags. Lots of stands were selling Decovil and I sought advice on the Vlieseline stand on how to use it.  It is an adhesive stiffener which feels like leather and can be used with fabric or by itself with paint and embellishment in bag making to give that leather feel to a bag.  I bought some and can't wait to try it.

I also bought a jar of Odicoat which is applied to fabric to make it water resistant - a bit like oilcloth but without the plasticky feel.  That's another thing I'm looking forward to trying.

If any of you have any tips on using these products, I'd love to hear them.